• Healthy water

    “The eating and drinking habits significantly influence our well-being and our health. The amount of fluid intake and which fluid is drunk play a significant

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  • Healthy fats

    The general opinion that fats are fundamentally bad and only make you fat has made more and more people eat less and less fat. The

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  • Healthy salts

    Salt was considered a source of life in ancient times. But the table salt that we can buy today has nothing more to do with

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Health is a gift, it should be taken care of!

Our offspring is our futureHealthy water and how we think about it

Therefore our definition of "HEALTHY" is something that brings about every moment of our lives anew. This is where the aspect of "personal responsibility" comes into play, personal responsibility and mindfulness for how we lead our lives.


Living healthy

We equate this with the balance between healthy eating and physical activity. Healthy eating is primarily about HEALTHY PURE ENERGIZED water!


Healthy waterWater is not simply water

We all know that water is our most valuable asset. Survival is impossible without water. However, water is not just water. We would like to give you valuable information about water on our website. This is not just about supplying the daily requirements, but rather about finding out which water and what ingredients in the water we consume every day - healthy water - or contaminated water.

With us you will find out whether the water from your tap or your mineral water bottle is also good for you! Our information is aimed exclusively at:

  • private households
  • gastronomy
  • schools
  • day care center
  • Medical practices
  • or public institutions


A healthy diet begins and ends with healthy, pure, energized water

We would be happy to help you find out in a personal conversation and advise you on how to set up a good water system. Inform yourself! Call us or contact us using the contact form.

We would be happy to advise you and look forward to hearing from you!

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Three filtration methods for water filters

BWE 1200 Entkalgungsgeraet

There are different ways to filter water. You will be in physical, mechanical orchemical-physical distinguished. Water filter systems can also consist of a combination of these three filtration methods, depending on the desired result of the water.


Reverse osmosis systems

Reverse osmosis systems are a very effective and widespread drinking water treatment system. As simple as the physical process of reverse osmosis is in theory, the development and manufacture of a well-functioning water filter system with osmosis technology can be complex and demanding. The differences between the reverse osmosis systems on the market are very different in terms of quality, materials used, efficiency, filtration quantities, cost / benefit factor or the quality of the filtered, pure water, just to name a few of the many possible differences.

Many additional considerations can play a role, depending on your lifestyle and lifestyle, as well as the needs of each individual for the osmosis water filter in private households. Due to the far-reaching specifications of osmosis systems and the individual requirements, it certainly makes sense to get an overview of the individual points. Below is a non-binding guide to molecular filter reverse osmosis systems and things that could be relevant to a manufacturer or provider.


OsmosePhoto: © designua / Adobe Stock

What is osmosis and how does it work

In the natural sciences, the directional flow of particles through a selective or semi-permeable separation layer is referred to as osmosis (ancient Greek "penetration", "impact", "thrust", "drive").

Osmosis is often described as the spontaneous passage of water or another solvent through a semipermeable membrane that is permeable to the solvent but not to the substances dissolved in it.

Osmosis is of central importance in nature, especially for the regulation of the water balance of living beings and their cells. It is used as a separation process in medicine and process engineering and is used in osmosis power plants for energy generation. While osmosis is theoretically explained in the context of statistical mechanics and non-equilibrium thermodynamics, the physical processes at the microscopic-molecular level are still the subject of scholarly disputes and active research at the beginning of the 21st century.


Cherry osmosis

Cherry osmosis....A clear example of the effect of osmosis is the bursting of ripe cherries after wetting them with rainwater.

The water on the outside of the fruit contains very little dissolved particles, so it has a high chemical potential. It penetrates through the outer skin into the fruit, in which the water as a solvent has a low chemical potential due to the high sugar content and other dissolved substances. The influx of water increases the pressure inside the fruit and tears open its outer skin. In addition to other substances, this is permeable to water, but not to sugar molecules; due to these properties, it acts as a semipermeable membrane.

In principle, water molecules can pass through this membrane in both directions, but are more “held” inside the fruit. The water molecules there have to compete with the other dissolved molecules and particles for access to the membrane, so that fewer water molecules per unit time escape to the outside than vice versa.
[Excerpt from Wikipedia]


 Mobile water filter systems with reverse osmosis technologyAsk us about the following products:

  • Water filter for Private household with reverse osmosis technology
  • Water filter for Business and gastronomy with reverse osmosis technology
  • mobile Water filter systems with reverse osmosis technology
  • Softening systems
  • water softener
  • Water filter for the bathroom
  • and much more

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Unsaturated fatty acids protect your heart!

It is important that you eat the right fats!

Follow the Mediterranean diet, the economical use of olive oil, fish and steamed vegetables. This is exactly how you can reduce your risk of heart attack by up to 40%.

This is due to unsaturated fatty acids, which are found not only in olive oil, but also in rapeseed and nut oil. These protect you not only from heart attacks, but also from premature heart death.

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Fats are not fundamentally bad

Healthy Oil 3Healthy fats and oils

The general opinion that fats are fundamentally bad and only make you fat has made more and more people eat less and less fat. The result of a low-fat diet is surprising and should make you think.

Why does the body need healthy fats?

  • They serve to absorb fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.
  • They serve as a source of energy and thus form the most concentrated form of storage
  • They provide a natural feeling of satiety
  • They serve as insulators against the cold
  • They are essential for the functioning of hormones and enzymes
  • They reduce fluctuations in blood sugar levels
  • The brain relies on high quality fats
  • They serve as protective pads for internal organs and the nervous system etc.

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Miracle cure bamboo salt

Salt was considered a source of life in ancient times. But the table salt that we can buy today has nothing to do with this food anymore.

The energy and information contained in the salt and its healing powers are almost forgotten today. A German doctor imported this knowledge from Korea and revived it.

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