Flaxweiler municipality in Luxembourg

Pure water - our most precious asset

Municipality of Flaxweiler LuxembourgThe municipality of Flaxweiler in Luxembourg is enjoying its new BestWater facility. The pure energized water is available free of charge for visitors and employees of the municipal administration. The municipality of Flaxweiler thus makes an optimal contribution to the health of its citizens.


A BestWater reverse osmosis molecular filter system gives you the security of really pure water without consuming any organic or chemical substances. Knowing that the water does not contain viruses, bacteria, pharmaceuticals, nitrates, pesticides, fertilizers, bisphenols, phthalates, heavy metals or other substances and substance combinations provides security and is another aspect for a better life.

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Gesondliewen, based in Howald Luxembourg, has been successfully operating in the water filter sector for commercial and catering with reverse osmosis technology since 2013.

We are special partners from commercial and catering trade.

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