Just arrived - the new hydrogen generator with the best values ever!

nur bei uns exklusivA new patented invention that produces high concentrated water rich Hydrogen with values over 3000 ppb. Gesondliewen H2 Generator produces in short time the purest hydrogen water ever!

How the H2 Generator works

H2 Generator 2020Hydrogen rich water should be produced with pure water (water with low conductivity <50ppm). This water is enriched with gaseous H2-hydrogen, neutral in taste and smell through the H2 Generator. Hydrogen molecules in our water, are not connected to water molecules, i.e. it contains hydrogen in its pure molecular H2 form. With our hydrogen generator from GESONDLIEWEN, you can generate 250 ml Water rich Hydrogen, with H2 concentration more than 3000 ppb in only 6 min; and thanks to electrolysis an ORP value between -800 and -1000.

How can GESONDLIEWEN H2 Generator help?

  • Support our natural antioxidants by electrolysis ORP value between -800 and -1000
  • H2 help relieve pain
  • H2 water protects our muscles
  • H2 promote regeneration after sporting activities
  • H2 water influence the positive cell modulation
  • Increases the energy balance and reduces fatigue
  • H2 has preventive properties for neurological diseases
  • H2 has preventive properties for metabolic problems like diabetes
  • H2 water improves mitochondrial function
  • The viscosity of the blood improves
  • Regulate blood pressure
  • Hydrogen protects against DNA destruction caused by electromagnetic radiation
  • H2 calms allergic reactions
  • H2 protects organs and can help reduce any kind of inflammation in the body

Healthy WaterA generator with 3 functions!

  1. Cup function:
    Twice in a row, evenly press until blue light appears. The production time is about 6 minutes.
  2. bottle function:
    Replace the cup only with BPA-free material (no glass bottle because of high pressure).
  3. inhalation function:
    Press evenly 3 times in a row until yellow light appears. The inhalation time is 20 minutes.


What is hydrogen (H2) water?

On the one hand it has an antioxidant effect on oxidative stress and free oxygen radicals and on the other hand it supports the energy production in the mitochondria. H2 can inhibit or change the behavior of proteins that promote inflammation, allergy, cell death and oxidation.


Hydrogen (H2) gets everywhere, within minutes!

It simply floods the whole body practically without restriction. Lips, tongue, palate, gums, throat are the first contact surfaces in the body where the hydrogen penetrates while drinking.

While drinking the Hydron rich water the body sends signals: Here comes something good that we always need! Hence the desire for more of it. After all, all our energy-producing cells are mainly geared, producing hydrogen from food.

Many of our customers experience greater clarity and refreshment in their minds after just a few minutes of drinking our Hydrogen rich water. And some would like to drink the next glass right away.


Hydrogen in the body is a fast-acting signal molecule.

It doesn't need huge amounts of Hydrogen, just a little push. For example, hydrogen in the stomach ensures a higher release of the messenger substance GHRELIN, which stimulates the production of growth hormones. But this only happens when we drink hydrogen-rich water.

A much larger amount of hydrogen, which we can ingest by inhaling hydrogen-rich air, for example, has no effect in this direction because the contact is made via the lungs and not via the stomach. That is why drinking hydrogen water has become much more widespread on the global markets than inhalation, which seems to make sense for certain diseases.


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