From tap water to healthy drinking water

Diet and drinking habitsThe eating and drinking habits significantly influence our well-being and our health

The amount of fluid intake and which fluid is drunk play a key role. Coffee, alcohol, soft drinks, mixed drinks and a variety of fruit juices taste good, but are not very suitable for the biochemical processes in the body. Some of them are a strain on the body rather than useful.



Healthy waterWater is clearly the healthiest and best drink for the human body

But water is not just water. Drinking water from the tap is Germany's best controlled food. Admittedly, German drinking water is at the top of the international rankings, but although the Drinking Water Ordinance prescribes limit values for around 49 chemical and organic parameters, drinking water from the tap is not the best water for people. In addition, many substances that are increasingly causing discussion are not taken into account. The smallest nanoparticles made of plastic, veterinary and human pharmaceuticals as well as their degradation materials, pesticides and their degradation materials and other contaminants are a growing problem in groundwater and for water companies.



As an alternative, many people use mineral water

According to the Mineral and Table Water Ordinance, mineral water must have a natural origin and be of original purity, but mineral water is tested for fewer ingredients than drinking water. In addition, the Administrative Court of the State of Baden-Württemberg ruled in its judgment (file number 9 S 2883/11) that degradation substances, so-called metabolites, of pesticides and fungicides (massively used agricultural crop protection products) may be contained in mineral water, because the contaminants from the Agriculture is part of the water cycle. In addition, there are no limits in the Mineral and Table Water Ordinance for these toxic substances. Regular mineral water tests by consumer protection organizations such as Öko-Test or Stiftung Warentest also make it clear that often not everything is “pure” and “natural” in the mineral water.



Best and healthiest waterThe best water is pure water, which is free of all foreign substances.

Of the many possibilities of water filtration, molecular filtration based on reverse osmosis has proven to be the most effective. When choosing the manufacturer or dealer for molecular filtration systems, the consumer is again spoiled for choice. The qualitative differences of the diverse products are sometimes enormous. Here, BestWater has developed a leading position in the industry as a developer, manufacturer and dealer. The pure water from BestWater's molecular filter systems has a quality comparable to that of fresh mountain spring water.



Bio-photon energy activates our body cells

Healthy and energy-rich water, as it gushes from an artesian source, cannot be compared to drinking water or mineral and table water. This fresh and precious spring water often comes from a depth of several hundred meters and takes thousands of years to mature before it comes back to the surface. With a vibration frequency of 1013 Hertz, this water has the same bioresonance as the vibration energy that controls our cell functions. This bio-photon energy activates our body cells and protects them from serious negative influences from our environment. This makes it ideal for cell cleaning and purification of the body. It is precisely this quality of highly active, crystal clear spring water that BestWater achieves with its reverse osmosis molecular filter systems, since BestWater has been developing and perfecting the system for more than 20 years.



Osmosis filter systemsLead, copper, arsenic and mercury are removed to 99%

After three pre-filter stages, the water passes through the molecular filter preparation (reverse osmosis) and is pressed under pressure through a multi-layer, fine-pored synthetic membrane. The pores of this cylindrical membrane are 5000 times smaller than bacteria, so that only pure water molecules are pressed into the interior of this membrane. This removes 99 percent of metals such as lead, copper, arsenic and mercury, 99 percent of herbicides, pesticides and medicines, more than 98 percent of chlorides and nitrates and 99 percent of hydrocarbons. The membrane used by BestWater is one of the highest quality on the international market.



Volcanic rockPure water is stored in volcanic rock

In a final step, the water is energized by two modules. The HE module is filled with valuable rock crystals that give the water back the primal information that corresponds to the influence of natural sunlight. Natural resonance frequencies restore natural parameters in the energy spectrum of water. This vitalises the water, resonates with the human body and has a harmonizing effect. In the second module, the Aqua-Lith-Crystal-Energy module, the water first flows through a layer of micro-silicon crystals. Here the water is set into the high-frequency oscillation of 1013 Hertz using biophoton energy. In addition, the energetic water is swirled by zeolite mineral. Pure water is stored in this volcanic rock. Its valuable information is also transferred to the water. The pure water from BestWater is healthy, lively, energized and vitalized water as from an artesian mountain spring. If there is no artificial mountain spring nearby, there is no alternative: healthy water only with BestWater ”.

Source: BestWater, Healthy Water.


The tea test with BestWater

The tea test is the simplest and most descriptive way to clarify the difference between contaminated and unpolluted water. For this we simply need two tea cups, two tea bags black tea and hot water. See what happens next.



Why BestWater

There is a solution to every problem. One of the most delicate problems facing mankind is the current water situation on our planet. Heavy metals, industrial toxins, radioactive waste and many other harmful substances end up in groundwater and drinking water. Humans ingest these harmful substances through food and they cause unpredictable damage to the body.

BestWater shows the solution to this problem in the company video. BestWater's water filters are able to filter out up to 99% of all substances in drinking water and guarantee pure water of spring water quality. There is a suitable water filter for every aspect - whether for private household use, catering or industry. BestWater offers more than just ordinary water filters.


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