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Healthy SaltMiracle cure bamboo salt

Salt was considered a source of life in ancient times. But the table salt that we can buy today has nothing to do with this food anymore. The energy and information contained in the salt and its healing powers are almost forgotten today. A German doctor imported this knowledge from Korea and revived it.


An ancient food

One of the leading “salt doctors” was and still is the Asians, above all the Koreans, who can fall back on a very long tradition of salt applications.

Dongui Bougam, - the book of Korean medicine, - was first published by Heo Jun in the year of the Korean Joseon Dynasty, 1613, published by Heo Jun.

In 2009 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO1. In this first basic version of Heo Jun, the production of a mysterious "bamboo salt" was also described. Mysterious because the Asian monarchs often let the people bleed out from inferior food so that it remained compliant. So certain food was banned.

Not unlike today, there was also a counter-movement in Asia, which however had to remain underground. Buddhist monasteries have preserved and enriched the knowledge of the hidden powers of salt. An alchemical act should help them achieve the metamorphosis of the salt. They used the tools that the living environment provides: bamboo, sea salt, a specific sulfur-bearing clay and large fire. The salt was burned.


Complex chemical processes between the salt and the clay

Healthy saltsIn contrast to today's salt combustion, the salt was not left to the open flame and the combustion residues were scattered off, but the salt and the earth were placed in the bamboo tubes, which were then handed over to the flame. Here, too, temperatures inside the bamboo of over 1000 degrees Celsius are reached, but the crystalline structures do not break open - they only change because the particles detached from the fire are retained and the salt as a whole can change. At high temperatures, complex chemical processes take place between the salt and the clay. In the end, something new will emerge from it, which however cannot be interpreted with the purely chemical methods.


Salt mainly releases sodium ions

The situation is different with electrochemical investigations. Although they have significantly changed values in the redox range, these are also not to be interpreted with conventional thinking, since salt mainly releases sodium ions and they have no effect on the pH value. After the firing process, however, bamboo salt has a pH value that is clearly in the basic range without any significant chemical changes, in particular in the NaCl content! - A paradox ?! –


The first doctor Heo Jun

What the monks had gained over many centuries with this one method was not documented in their temple writings - it was too dangerous - they passed it on orally to their students, which gave rise to a salt tradition that has existed for a long time cultivated and still lives today. Heo Jun was the first physician to gain access to this knowledge and immortalize it in his standard Korean work. Depending on what you wanted to treat, different burning stages of the salts were used, today mainly the twice-baked salt is enjoyed as table salt, and the nine-baked salt is used for medicinal applications.


Bambussalz Foto: © Cavan Social / Adobe StockBamboo salt in today's application

With no real interest in the West, this Asian gem for health was out of focus for a long time until the German specialist for acid / base regulation and nutritional science, Dr. Bärbel Rudolph, became interested in her search for basic food specialties. So in 2005 she started to bring this product onto the German market with her partner, Ludwig Flatau4.


What makes the salt so special

On the one hand, it is the abundance of electrons and, on the other hand, the sulfides from sulfur, which have strong bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects as immune factors. Research conducted by Franz Holzner from the Institute for Sulfur Water Research in Baden near Vienna shows that sulfur water, which is already produced when the salt, which has been burned nine times, is dissolved in the saliva, causes increased resistance to oxidative stress. Holzner continues: The sulfur in the healing water also significantly reduces the homocysteine level in the blood plasma. With 3 - 5 salt grains of the nine times burnt salt, you can preventively counteract the consequences of an increased homocysteine serum content, which actively counteracts the risk of a heart attack, a stroke, depression and an impending dementia disease, which will affect every second person today5.


For the healthy seasoning of dishes, the twice-baked is recommendedThere is a wide range of applications for this salt

For the healthy seasoning of dishes, the twice-baked is recommended, because the nine times burned, violet shimmering salt has a very sulphurous taste, not to say - it tastes like rotten eggs! - But don't let that put you off - on the contrary. For people with dental problems(Caries, periodontal disease...) 1-2 grains of this salt placed under the tongue can work wonders. Often the nose is closed, the neck is covered with mucus and the whole head is dull, because the lymphatic system switches to minimal operation as a result of the permanent overstraining. They no longer have electrons that can be transferred to the mitochondrial enzyme complexes within the lymph cells in order to fill the cell with energy and life. The electrons come out of the bamboo salt burned nine times (redox value: - 400 mV!) As if they were called to reactivate the lymphs. It is not uncommon to feel this immediately after taking it, because the electrons enter the lymphatic system via the tongue lymph in order to get it moving immediately. The sulfur substances strengthen the humoral immune system because they can also a. act on streptomycetes, which are causally related to infectious diseases in the oral and respiratory tract. (Bild: © Spurbuchverlag)

The caries bacterium Streptococcus mutans is also subject to the power of the sulfur substances, which have a more sustainable effect than the environment-changing reduction potential, since both parasitic microbes are resistant to short and long-lasting environmental fluctuations. The sulphides containing sulfur are uncompromising and sustainable. Biophysical measurements have measured a BOVIS value of 18 0006, which is not surprising when you consider that the starting materials melt to a kind of salt lava at a firing temperature of 1500 ° degrees7, whereby all substances remain together and only in their structure, - their evolutionary nature, - "transform". Such a high Bovis (BE) value can usually only be found in “sacred places”, whereby one speaks of a healing vibration from a BE of 12,000! 8 With all the new properties that this salt has, the processes have to be carried out during the process assume the competence of a higher self-organization. The mere chemical inspection of the end product will not help gain understanding. From the point of view of alchemy, the energetic fields of salt are combined with the high degree of order of the original matrix and the clay soil specific for bamboo salt, which are united by the fire to form a new meta structure.


Bamboo salt has a regenerative effect

Regeneration with bamboo saltYou can't blame any chemical for the fact that bamboo salt, wherever it's used, has a regenerative effect. Rather, the explanation lies on the level of energy and information fields, which with their high levels of order lead a chaotic, sick system back into regulation. The high degree of order is expressed by the color of the bamboo salt, - violet. This lies in the highest perceptible color spectrum, which the human eye can still perceive and is considered the ultimate healing color in color theory. Of course, the bamboo salt cannot cure on its own, but it brings relief and a short-term interruption of degeneration, and it opens the gates for self-regulation, provided you are concerned with a high-quality supply of quality substances and a balanced (stress-free) living environment.

You can use it very versatile, e.g. as a bath additive, wraps with saline solution or mixed into high-quality oils. If you have skin problems, for example, you can use almond oil-based jasmine and pour 100 ml of oil, 3 grains of salt from the bamboo salt burned nine times; shake until the oil becomes cloudy and the salt is dissolved. With the oil you can rub the whole body, but also only certain affected areas. The negative ions remain active in the oil for a long time, which supports regenerative skin functions. The sulfides, which are now enriched in the cloudy substances in the oil, cleanse the skin of pathogenic microbes. The secondary plant substances from jasmine support the skin in its detoxification and purification, while beguiling the mind with fragrance. Bamboo salt is ideal for all regenerative applications. The Kaeam temple bamboo salt not only brings with it a health blessing, but also a new awareness of the foods that, from a modern quantum-physical point of view, are significantly more than just chemical food components. Such alchemical processes, however, require an intact environment, because only quality material can be transformed - everything else is only for repairs!

For information on where to buy bamboo salt, go to: 081717/418760


The redox potential - the flow of life

A so-called redox potential is a scientifically recognized, electrochemically measurable method for quality assessment of food. It makes a statement about the free energy in a biological system. It provides information about the amount of electrons in a food without having to know its chemical composition. The lower the redox value, the higher the contribution of a food to donate electrons and deactivate harmful free radicals. Depending on the quality of the food, the redox potential fluctuates between approx. - 500 (minus) mV and + 800 (plus) mV. As far as I know, the bamboo salt that has been fired nine times differs uniquely from all known and investigated salts due to its low redox potential. And even in a 0.9 percent concentration, which corresponds to the physiological saline solution of the blood, it is still minus 2. Most foods are in the plus range up to + 750mV on the scale mentioned. "Redox" is an abbreviation for reduction and oxidation. In short: An electron-rich or reducing food moves the flow of life.


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